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pasta da forno


About Us



Home Made Pasta

Pasta Lab started with a dream in mind, to make Artisan Pasta that is fresh and well-crafted by maintaining the art of pasta making in its purest form.


We wanted to keep the integrity of the ingredients and bring Pasta back to how it began by using only 100% stone ground Italian Flour and Semolina, containing no chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours or flavours.


You will be able to see and taste the difference because nothing compares to the look, taste and quality of our Artisan Pasta.


Specialy For You

Because we all lead busy lives and not everyone has the time to make their own pasta, we thought to speed up the work in your kitchen with our readily made fresh and frozen pasta.


Use your own recipe and enjoy the freshness of a home cooked meal that is quick, healthy and convenient.


With every piece of pasta that is made, we give the time, care and attention that is needed to ensure the highest quality and taste.

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For every Occasion and Need

We already supply directly to some of Brisbane's best establishments, would you like to be one of them? If you would like to share the love of real Italian pasta, contact us and we can work directly with you for all of your menu needs.
If you are looking for an exceptional product which is also unique, ask us about our Made to Order Pasta options, they are also a great gift idea!
Simply open, cook and enjoy!
Making pasta is easy, perfecting pasta is difficult, with Pasta Lab you will taste
true pasta perfection.

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